What Happens, Happens. Breath

We’ve had a lot going on lately.

  • In February we refinanced our duplex.
  • A the end of February we bought a new car.
  • In March our offer on a new house was accepted.
  • We close on the new house May 10th.
  • We’re in the process of finishing work on our apartment.
  • We’re in the process of renting out our apartment (we’re keeping our duplex).
  • My Photography business is just getting started.
  • I started a new Outdoors Blog.
  • Our first baby is due June 4th.
  • Rachel has been put on bed-rest until the due date.
  • Stressful things are afoot at work (some that I like, some that I don’t).

With all that’s going on I constantly need to remind myself to just slow down & breathe.  It’s hard sometimes.  There’s a lot to get done and it often feels like I’m not getting anywhere.  I get tired of people telling me about it though, I’m fine.  I take it all in stride, and whatever happens happens and we’ll deal with it as it comes.

Ze posted a song a while back that I had totally forgotten about until today, when he posted the story of how he made it.  It resonates with me perfectly.  I get it.


Hey, I’m Ok.

I’ll be fine.

Just Breathe.

6 thoughts on “What Happens, Happens. Breath

  1. JUST HOME FROM THE LAST ASSIGNMENT AND HAPPY TO READ ABOUT YOUR " ACTIVE" LIFE. Busy beats bored any day. But, yes, stop and get in touch with the moment! BREATHE…


  2. Take it seriously … sounds like bedrest might be because of preeclampsia? Don't take that mildly.I was on 6 weeks bed rest (up stairs once, down stairs once … no standing other than for a shower … sit the rest of the day). It SUCKED … I had placental previa and started bleeding at 28 weeks.The day after they said I could do limited movement, I started bleeding again and had c-section.Remember, each day the baby stays in is substantial survival rate increase.Do you have family around to help her?


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