Perinton Park Locations

Found a nifty little map of all the Perinton Parks.  Note this doesn’t include non-public owned properties like the High Acres Trail Area and there are other publicly usable areas within the town.  But this gives you a good idea of the location of the official town parks.

  1. Beechwoods
  2. Boat Launch
  3. Normandie Park
  4. Egypt Park
  5. Fellows Road Park
  6. Garnsey Arboretum
  7. Horizon Hill Conservation Area
  8. Indian Hill Recreation Area
  9. Kreag Road Park
  10. New York State Erie Canal Heritage Trail
  11. Center Park
  12. Perinton Park
  13. Potter Park
  14. Rochester, Syracuse and Eastern Trail
  15. Spring Lake Park
  16. Town Hall / Perinton Community Center
  17. Townwide Bike Route
  18. White Brook Nature Area

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