Sky Full of Birds

Fall Foliage at MCC PondToday Driving past MCC I noticed that the foliage over the pond had turned and decided I’d stop by to take a few pictures. I’ve only walked back there once before which was at least 3 years ago. I think the same guy was there today playing with his dog as was there 3 years ago. Strange. In any event I ended up with some nice shots of the pond and the foliage along with the surrounding scenery.

Seaguls Take to the SkyLeaving MCC I noticed there was a parking lot full of seagulls. Normally I pay them no mind but today I had my camera.

Why Not?

I put the camera on Burst, held it out the window and sped through the middle of the seagulls. They came out kind of blurry but more or less the effect I was looking for. Lots of fun and I hate those birds anyway.

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