Drunken Pumpkin '07

Some of the Pumpkins from Drunken Pumpken ‘07Saturday night was our first Drunken Pumpkin. What is a Drunken Pumpkin? well… It’s quite simple really. It involves getting Drunk and Carving Pumpkins. That’s it. It doesn’t sound like it would be a very good combination but really it’s the order that matters. As long as you carve the Pumpkin first you’re good to go. From what Amy says this is the 6th annual Drunken Pumpkin in which Nobody got ‘carved.’

Our First ‘Kit’ PumpkinRachel and I took home the “Most Like a Halloween Story” paper plate award for our “wind in the Willows” Pumpkin. Neither one of us had ever used a kit before which turned out to be slow but worth it. Lots of thin little intricate pieces but we did those first while the pumpkin was still in one piece and it all turned out well. I think if we go next year we’ll be trying for the “Fewest Cuts” award.

After the Pumpkin carving mayhem we played a little Wii which led to some crazy fun for all the guests. Greg had to keep reminding everyone to use the wrist strap so we didn’t “let Fly” and damage his beautiful new TV. We learned that the tall person has to stand on the right at their house because there’s a ceiling fan on the left with some nasty light fixtures and we learned that no matter how close you get to the TV Greg will still be nervous.

Great time by all who was there and maybe we’ll see you at Drunken Pumkin next year!

One thought on “Drunken Pumpkin '07

  1. Good times! That’s actually our second ceiling fan. Mike bashed into our first one, and when we turned it on the next day it started smoking.


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