Cleawire LogoWhile in BestBuy returning a game today, I noticed a new Kiosk for Clearwire. It claimed to offer cheap wireless Broadband access. I was intrigued so I grabbed a pamphlet. After further review their broadband access isn’t that great.

  • ClearValue (standard tier)
    • 768Kbps down
    • 256Kbps up
    • $29.99/month
  • ClearPremium (premium tier)
    • 1.5Mbps down
    • 256Kbps up
    • $36.99/month

While their speeds arn’t that great they’re still a big step up from dial up. The idea is interesting and I knew that companies were begining to offer it in other cities but I wasn’t aware Rochester was on the map yet.

Don’t fret, Rochester is on the map!

Clearwire Rochester Coverage

One concern I have however is that it appears to be using a proprietary wireless protocol rather than the existing 802.11b/g protocols. What this means is people are forced into utilizing their provided modems rather than being free to roam the coverage area with their mobile devices. Too bad, If the speed was a little faster, I’d completely be willing to switch if I could connect using my existing wireless devices.

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