Two Souls Join as One

Corey and Maggie Winters

This weekend Rachel and I attended Cory and Maggie’s wedding. Their ceremony was beautifully done, outside overlooking some fantastic scenery including some Great Blue Heron’s spreading their wings to soar above the trees in perfect wedding-time bliss!

The Joined Vase

Cory and Maggie added some splash of uniqueness (as most weddings tend to do) and one of our favorite moments was the combining of the sand vases into one. This was symbolism at its best and the ability to keep the result was the icing on the cake (or perhaps the sand in the vase?).

I was overly impressed with the vision of photographers on scene and their ability to setup poses. I’m sure they got some fantastic shots but I snapped some of my own which I thought I’d share so take a peek. The entire album is also available, some photos of which are interesting some of which are horribly bad but that’s because it was a learning experience. Overall the wedding was absolutely beautiful.
Corey and Maggie
Best wishes and all the best to Cory and Maggie Winters.

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