Instead of Burning try Converting

A few days ago I downloaded some software that came as a .UIF file. Assuming it was a disc Image I attempted using Roxio, Nero and even an ISO mounting software I use called Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel to open it with no luck. I then did some searching on the net and found out that UIF is a proprietary extension for a program called Magic ISO. Essentially it’s just a compressed ISO.

Magic ISO allows you to make Images and Burn them, however their free trial version only allows you to burn (or create) up to a 300mb image. My Image was slightly over at 430mb so I was out of luck (or so I thought).

I quickly did some searching and came across a handy little tutorial on how to convert UIF files. As it so happens Magic ISO also has the ability to convert the UIF files (basically extract them) into an ISO instead. This feature is actually enabled for any size file in the trial version so I was in luck.

In case the link ever goes dead all you need to do is:

  1. start Magic ISO
  2. click tools -> convert
  3. select the UIF file
  4. choose the output file name and location
  5. click ‘Convert!’

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