Family Portraits

Being the photographer of the family I’m rarely in the photos.  Someone needs to make a suggestion to get me into a photo before I’m in front of the lens or nobody knows I was ever there.  I don’t mind it but we’ve realized recently that we don’t really have enough pictures of us together so starting this month we’re going to make it a point to get at least one family photo a month.  It doesn’t have to be spectacular, just us.  Here’s our first attempt:


Lilah has her typical “everything is amazing and surprising” look on her face, but not bad for a self-timed job with a 9-mo-old.

Vintage Computers

Just saw a slideshow by TIME titled ‘Core Memory: Photographs of Vintage Computers‘. This stuff is immensely interesting to me, both as a Photographer and a computer geek.

My favorite (pictured below) is the picture of Core Memory.  You can essentially picture this as the grandfather of flash memory today (the stuff you stick in your digital camera or phone).  Technology is insane.

Be sure to click through to see all the pictures.

NOTE: imate originally seen on TIME’s website.


IMG_1864A few weeks ago while I was up at camp I saw some Otters.  As far as I can remember I’ve only ever seen an Otter one other time in the wild.  That time they were playing and sliding down the hill into Moldy Pond.  This time, they were doing something a little more… special.

They were so twitterpated they didn’t even notice me chasing them down through the woods and then standing about 20 feet from them.  They played and fished and ran and I’m fairly confident they were mating.  It was nothing short of awesome.  It all happened so fast I barely got any pictures fired off, but a few came out.

I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it before or since.


Vintage Views of Rochester

A short time ago I found a website that has lots of historical photos and postcards along with time-lines named Vintage Views of Rochester. Apparently I’m the last person in Rochester to find it, but i thought I’d share it anyway. The following is a postcard depicting the aqueduct (broad street) as well as the building I work in (the large brick building in the center of the postcard).

Genesee River and Aqueduct

Two Souls Join as One

Corey and Maggie Winters

This weekend Rachel and I attended Cory and Maggie’s wedding. Their ceremony was beautifully done, outside overlooking some fantastic scenery including some Great Blue Heron’s spreading their wings to soar above the trees in perfect wedding-time bliss!

The Joined Vase

Cory and Maggie added some splash of uniqueness (as most weddings tend to do) and one of our favorite moments was the combining of the sand vases into one. This was symbolism at its best and the ability to keep the result was the icing on the cake (or perhaps the sand in the vase?).

I was overly impressed with the vision of photographers on scene and their ability to setup poses. I’m sure they got some fantastic shots but I snapped some of my own which I thought I’d share so take a peek. The entire album is also available, some photos of which are interesting some of which are horribly bad but that’s because it was a learning experience. Overall the wedding was absolutely beautiful.
Corey and Maggie
Best wishes and all the best to Cory and Maggie Winters.

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory

Uncle Jerry's Senior Photo

Aunt Pauline's

About a year ago I started a major project. The digital archiving of all my parents old photo albums. It’s a slow and painful process but often times very rewarding. I have been rather busy lately but for some reason today I decided to scan an album or two. I happened across 2 pictures of some importance. One of my uncle Jerry and another of my Aunt Pauline. Both of which I think may be their Senior pictures. The reason I think this is because they both look very nice and on the back of my Aunt Pauline’s picture it says her age at the time is 18. It’s amazing how much they still look the same even after more than 40 years.

With all the recent talk of alternative transportation and some of the photographs I found, it made me think about how things have changed so much already, but not as far as they said they would. In the 50’s people were claiming we’d be driving Nuclear powered cars. The 60’s gave us The Jetsons. What happened to all of the promises? Well as far as the Nuclear car goes, experiments soon led us to understand that even if it were possible it wouldn’t be safe. As far as the Flying car goes, I’ll let Dante and Randal explain:

Watching the video again made me think about what did happen to the flying car so I did some googling and came up with Urban Aeronautics. Seems crazy and a bit far fetched doesn’t it? I thought so to so I did some digging and their X-Hawk seems legit. Check it out. There actually seems to be quite a few examples so the flying car may not be as far off as it seems.