An interesting letter from SunRocket

As most of you probably know, SunRocket, the Voip service Rachel and I have been going with (we paid $199 up front for 2 year contract, roughly $9/month not bad) has recently gone under and is closing up shop. We took this in stride and determined it gave us the opportunity to get away from a land line completely and go all-mobile which we’ve wanted to do for a while.

SunRocket Satisfaction Survey E-mail

Today I received an Interesting E-mail from SunRocket. Apparently they haven’t shut off all their features yet because I received an E-mail that essentially says I was randomly selected to participate in a Customer Satisfaction Survey. They want to know how my experience thus far with SunRocket has been. Well, SunRocket, It was pretty darn good until you took away my ability to use the service!

2 thoughts on “An interesting letter from SunRocket

  1. I would go with Net2Phone. You may have missed their promotion, but they were basically giving away free service for Sunrocket customers. All you needed to do was prove you paid for the annual plan and they would credit you up to 12 months service. The only costs I paid was $1.06. I was setup in one day and the call quality is unreal. I used Vonage when they first came out and it was horrible. So bad I switched to AT&T, then left for Sunrocket. Net2Phone is the original VoIP service – they created the patent for it. Just FYI.


  2. Thanks for the suggestion Edmund! However; I don’t think Rachel and I will be picking up any voip service anytime soon. Our cell phones seem to be handling the load quite well.


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