Delilah 6-12 Months

Delilah is a year old now. Well, really a year and 17 days, but with a one year old comes delays…

It’s been a blast, the last few months she’s really become mobile which is tiring but loads of fun.

They really do grow up way too fast and we have no idea where the last year has gone, but we look forward to many hectic years to come.

New Mobile Theme

We just installed WPTouch which automatically re-themes the website when viewed on a mobile device.  Probably should have done so a long time ago, but it’s a nice touch and makes the site look respectable on your mobile devices rather than miniature unreadable text.

Here’s a brief history of what the site has looked like over time.  Unfortunately it’s only a partial history because I never kept screen shots until now.  The first one I nabbed from  In the interest of moving forward we’ll just keep track of it from now on.

Some time in 2007 through some time in 2008

Some time in 2009 through current

February 2010 through current

An interesting letter from SunRocket

As most of you probably know, SunRocket, the Voip service Rachel and I have been going with (we paid $199 up front for 2 year contract, roughly $9/month not bad) has recently gone under and is closing up shop. We took this in stride and determined it gave us the opportunity to get away from a land line completely and go all-mobile which we’ve wanted to do for a while.

SunRocket Satisfaction Survey E-mail

Today I received an Interesting E-mail from SunRocket. Apparently they haven’t shut off all their features yet because I received an E-mail that essentially says I was randomly selected to participate in a Customer Satisfaction Survey. They want to know how my experience thus far with SunRocket has been. Well, SunRocket, It was pretty darn good until you took away my ability to use the service!