My Missed Opportunity

I missed a great opportunity recently and it’s really bothering me.

TEDx Rochester was last Monday and it was sold out before I even heard of it.  If you’ve never heard of TEDx, it’s an independently organized TED event.  If you’ve never heard of TED, I’m sorry…  All the TED talks are available online. My personal favorite is Ze Franks nerdcore comedy, but they’re all excellent.  They’ve also started putting up TEDx videos although I can’t find any from Rochester TEDx.  The best I’ve found is their CoverItLive notes.

A day before the event, I got an email saying a ticket had become available and I had been selected from the waiting list in order to go.  The event took place from 2 to 7pm Monday afternoon and I had to work.  Normally I’d have had no problem getting out of it, but at such late notice I had difficulties getting away.  Lots going on at work lately.  From the notes, however, it was a great event.

I know this is a stupid pointless post and I’m sorry, but I’m disappointed and frustrated and wish I had made it.  Here’s hoping to getting to the next one which is only 355 days away.

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