It's always the right time

We saw two little birds near our dinner table this evening. The male was puffed out, fanning his wings while he did a courtship dance for his female.

Aww look they’re twitterpated

Randy said.

Twitterpated? But its not the right time. don’t birds mate in early spring?

He looked at me with that coy little smile of his and said

honey, in Hawaii its always the right time.

And its so true! Everywhere you look in this place there is romance, something to put a sparkle in your eye. Today we didn’t do much but still it was one of the best days ever. We took the car out for a spin, that’s all. We saw a little bit of the island and now understand why this is known as the valley isle. There is so much luscious greenery and rolling hills that end abruptly at turquoise blue waters. We let the road take us up steep mountain sides, around sharp bends, and squeeze us through tight passages where you pray to god a sneeze doesn’t jerk the car over the edge and onto the rocky cliffs below. Despite the anxiety of the rocky cliffs edge the drive was one for the books. We stopped at a few sandy beaches (Maui has a lot) and hiked to lookout points were the view just seemed to go on and on. When The Who wrote “I can see for miles and miles” they must have been talking about this place.

Sunset at Ka’anapali

Our hotel sent us box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts and a complementary bottle of champagne. We ended our first whole day on Maui with a toast to each other and chocolate macadamia nut kisses. To top it all off we got to experience first hand why it’s said Maui has the most beautiful sunsets on earth.

Aloha Nui Loa (Love you lots),
Randy and Rachel

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