Back to Portland

The DesertOur trek from Glacier National Park back to Portland was rather uneventful, and yet satisfying.  We drove all the way through, only stopping in Coeur D’Alene for lunch (which was a completely unexpected yet beautiful city in Idaho).  Again, somewhere in Montana we hit a giant hailstorm of bugs.  We seemed to literally drive through a wall of them with some as big as your fist.

As we drove through the dry areas, we watched the outside temperature gauge in the car reach as high as 106ºF.  Rachel wanted to know what that feels like, so at 70Mph we opened the windows and stuck our arms out.  It felt just like a blow dryer, and closed went the windows.

Dust DevilAlong the way we saw a ton of dust devils, which is kind of neat as I don’t remember ever seeing them this large before.  They look like mini tornadoes, and they seemed to tear across the skyline with a fury.

After crossing into Oregon we followed the Columbia River along I84, a large section of which we had taken before.  As the sun set, we were provided beautiful views of Mt Hood clear as day right over the river.  The most beautiful sight however was as we were passing Multnomah Falls and the sunlight was peaking through some clouds so only the falls were lit up.  It almost made us turn around, but we pushed on.

Mt Hood over the Columbia River

We arrived at George and Stacie’s with just enough time to show them some pictures and then head to bed.

Even just driving through, the scenery out here is beautiful and fulfilling.

2 miles to go


29,998. That’s what my Odometer read today when I finally pulled into the car lot at Cortese. My Warranty conveniently runs out at 30,000. They say this is when stuff starts to happen. Maybe, but my current problem happened months ago and I just forgot to do anything about it until I was driving home from work today and realized.

holy crap I have 8 miles left on my warranty!

I’ve never cut anything so close in my life, except for maybe that time with the mailbox but that story is much more severe and for a different day. An electric problem for sure, this problem was just with my mirrors refusing to go up and down. I’m interested to see what money I saved by noticing my mileage today instead of tomorrow.

How much in our life happens purely by chance?

How much stuff that angers us happens purely by chance?

Would life be interesting at all without chance?

The Road to Hana

Today we took in the highly recommended road to Hana. The road to Hana is 42 miles long, includes 54 bridges and over 600 hairpin turns. It’s not so much the destination that’s important, but the trip. Driving the road is all we did today so we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Wild Flower Scenery from the Road to Hana Waves breaking on Lava Rocks Wow!

Lone Survivor Black Sand Beach Eerie Last Stop

If you like those, there are lots more where they came from.

It's always the right time

We saw two little birds near our dinner table this evening. The male was puffed out, fanning his wings while he did a courtship dance for his female.

Aww look they’re twitterpated

Randy said.

Twitterpated? But its not the right time. don’t birds mate in early spring?

He looked at me with that coy little smile of his and said

honey, in Hawaii its always the right time.

And its so true! Everywhere you look in this place there is romance, something to put a sparkle in your eye. Today we didn’t do much but still it was one of the best days ever. We took the car out for a spin, that’s all. We saw a little bit of the island and now understand why this is known as the valley isle. There is so much luscious greenery and rolling hills that end abruptly at turquoise blue waters. We let the road take us up steep mountain sides, around sharp bends, and squeeze us through tight passages where you pray to god a sneeze doesn’t jerk the car over the edge and onto the rocky cliffs below. Despite the anxiety of the rocky cliffs edge the drive was one for the books. We stopped at a few sandy beaches (Maui has a lot) and hiked to lookout points were the view just seemed to go on and on. When The Who wrote “I can see for miles and miles” they must have been talking about this place.

Sunset at Ka’anapali

Our hotel sent us box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts and a complementary bottle of champagne. We ended our first whole day on Maui with a toast to each other and chocolate macadamia nut kisses. To top it all off we got to experience first hand why it’s said Maui has the most beautiful sunsets on earth.

Aloha Nui Loa (Love you lots),
Randy and Rachel