Cigarrette Facts

Please take these tidbits with a grain of salt. They have not been proven and I make no claim to their authenticity. If even 50% of these are true the cigarettes should be outlawed.

  • Of kids who smoke, 86% smoke the three most heavily advertised brands. The majority of adult smokers don’t smoke those brands
  • Of all people who have ever tried a cigarette, 88 percent tried their first cigarette by age 18.
  • Every day, the tobacco companies get about 3,000 new customers — kids.
  • Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is responsible for approximately 3,000 lung cancer deaths per year among nonsmokers.
  • 75% of all teenagers who smoke have parents who smoke.
  • After the first month of life, infants of parents who smoke have higher mortality rates through the first year of life, mostly because of an increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome and respiratory conditions such as bronchiolitis
  • If both a child’s parents smoke, it is the equivalent of the child actively smoking between 60 and 150 cigarettes per year.
  • Children under five who are exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher risk factor for the development of food allergy
  • Tobacco companies fought and won in the Supreme Court to advertise cigarettes near schools and playgrounds.
  • They add licorice and cocoa, which sound innocent, except when you burn them they act as bronchodilators — which makes you inhale more smoke so the nicotine gets further into your body.
  • The tobacco industry lets people believe that light cigarettes are better for you, when actually, they can be even worse
  • Tobacco companies put ammonia in cigarettes which makes your brain absorb more nicotine than it normally would
  • The product they sell kills more people than AIDS, murder, suicide, fires, alcohol and all illegal drugs COMBINED
  • Smokers are admitted to hospitals twice as often as nonsmokers
  • Tobacco companies know that 70% of smokers want to quit but can’t.
  • No one knows exactly what they’re putting in different cigarette brands, but we do know that there are 599 ingredients tobacco companies mix and match any way they want to
  • Tobacco companies know that nicotine changes your brain so, eventually, your brain can’t function normally without it.
  • They also know that of the ones who try to quit only about 3% succeed.
  • “Marlboro…and Kool…have their largest share among very young smokers (18 and younger).??
  • “Realistically, if our company is to survive and prosper, over the long term, we must get our share of the youth market. In my opinion this will require new brands tailored to the youth market.?? ~ Tobacco company
  • “We have been asked by our client to come up with a package design… a design that’s attractive to kids.?? ~ Tobacco Company
  • “The base of our business is the high school student…It is the ‘in’ brand to smoke if you want to be one of the group.?? ~Tobacco Company
  • “The desire to quit seems to come earlier now than before, even prior to the end of high school. In fact, it often seems to take hold as soon as the recent starter admits to himself that he is hooked on smoking.”
  • “Products yielding .4mg of nicotine or lower failed to satisfy the smoker.”
  • “It’s a well-known fact that teen-agers like sweet products. Honey might be considered.?? ~ Tobacco Company
  • “Would disclosure of urea as a tobacco additive have a negative effect on consumer perception given that it is a constituent of urine??? ~Tobacco Company
  • In 1953 they knew: “Studies of clinical data tend to confirm the relationship between heavy and prolonged tobacco smoking and incidence of cancer of the lung.??
  • Tobacco companies have called kids replacement smokers. That means we’re supposed to replace the 1200 smokers who die every day
  • They spent $9.57 billion on advertising and promoting their products in 2000.
  • Look at your watch. In the next hour, the tobacco industry will spend over $1 million on advertising
  • Amonia is Added to Cigarrettes
  • Cigarette smoke contains Arsenic
  • Smokers Inhale Cyanide
  • Tobacco Contains Radioactive Lead
  • Tobacco Companies put propylene glycol into Cigarrettes the same stuff found in Anti-Freeze.
  • Nicotine is addictive. Tobacco companies manipulate the nicotine delivery of cigarettes.
  • Cigarettes contain amonia. So does dog poop.
  • Ammonia is great for cleaning toilets, AND increasing the impact of nicotine in cigarettes.
  • Your Pee Contains urea, thanks to tobacco companies so do cigarettes, Enjoy.

50 years ago i could understand smokers. Today? Try again.

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