Behind every argument is someone’s ignorance

NOTE: Some of the internal links in this post are now dead. The pages they refer to no longer exist so they cannot be fixed.

Yesterday I decided that since I’m going the WordPress route I might as well migrate all of my old stuff from websites in the past. I began moving some things but I can’t decide how I want to deal with most of it. For the time being i’ve created a Quotes page and some sub pages. I can’t seem to figure out how to make Pages search-able, If that doesn’t happen they may not stay a Page. I also added some cigarette facts.
Friday on my walk to the parking garage from work I saw a Red Stripe bottle laying on the sidewalk. It made me think of some funny commercials I saw a while back. I couldn’t find a listing of them together so I created my own.

If you want to see Old Grandma Hardcore kicking ass and taking names in Resistance: Fall of Man check out the following video:

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