We Came We Saw We Crawled (In Rome)

Pub CrawlWhen Charles, Rachel and I visited Rome in 2005 the last thing I expected to do was drink until the sun came up.

That’s exactly what happened.

We stayed in the Yellow Hostel in the middle of Rome and, although we didn’t know it until the second night, we were bunking(in the same room not the same bed) with two Australian girls in town for the weekend from their Nanny jobs in Milan. Rachel quickly made friends and what do you know but they both had a thing for partying.  They told us about this pub crawl starting at the Spanish Steps they had heard of:  $25 for a t-shirt, a drink and deals at every bar/club and a night of spending time with people from all over the world drinking till we forget it happened!? Sweet, where do we sign?

We literally drank until the sun came up and we had to catch the bus to the airport to fly back to London. One of the girls didn’t come back with us. No news on how her night went, but since she went home with one of the guys on the crawl with us, you can draw your own conclusions…  Our reward for the night was a shirt that said ‘We came we saw we crawled’ that lasted about 5 washes and a hangover (on the Ryan Air plane) that you wouldn’t believe.

Seriously though, we had an awesome time and have some great stories to share. Getting kicked off city buses in the middle of nowhere, BJ contests  in the bar, drinking beer at the top of the Spanish steps, drunken German speak, drunken French speak. Good times.

That said, if you get a chance to pub crawl in Rome, Do it!

Shorts (The Bar) – Rick Rolled

My buddy Charles was in town this past weekend for his birthday and we were out and about in Fairport NY.  Everyone was a little toasted by the end of the night and Brian and Charles took advantage of the empty bar at Shorts to subject everyone to a little of of their finest Karaoke.

It’s worth a look (and a listen) because it really is quite atrocious, as all good Karaoke should be.

Marry Me

According to the New York Times there’s a new trend going on in the world of proposals. People are paying lots of cash to have photographers disguise themselves in order for them to capture the moment. Normally this is a very private and very special occasion however people are beginning to publish everything about their life on the Internet and what’s the sense of leaving out the most romantic part of your life? To that end I’ve decided to share our story for everyone to read.

Our engagement story is both romantic and spontaneous. Maybe that’s the same thing? I had the ring in my possession for months in advance just waiting for the right time to ask. In October of 2005 we found out that our good friend Charles was living in London and he offered us a place to stay. We looked into flights and since it was past high-travel season the flights were dirt cheap. We were able to fly direct to London from jersey for under $300 a piece. After talking with Charles we found out that London would be celebrating Guy Fawkes day in 3 weeks and we made our plans to start our vacation that weekend.

At that time I had still not decided whether to use this opportunity to reveal my intentions or not. In fact until 5 minutes before walking out the door for the airport I still hadn’t made up my mind. At the time I knew of no truly romantic places in London. However, as many of you know, just before leaving the house I did decide to take the ring with me.

Once there, and after talking with Charles I decided that the top of the London Eye would be the perfect place. It took some effort, but I convinced Rachel to wait until the last day of our trip to ride it. This was so we could end our trip with the best part of all (providing she said yes).

Marry me RachelWhen we were finally at the top I asked a gentleman who was in the capsule with us to take our picture, much to Rachel’s dismay. She couldn’t understand why I would want a picture of us at the top when we wouldn’t even be able to tell and she asked:

Why don’t we get some shots of the beautiful scenery?

Then, while she was posing for the picture, I bent down on my knee and she began to ask “he’s taking our picture, why are you tying your sho….ohhhhhH!”

Will you marry me?

and we all know her answer.

In the beginning the only plan I had was to ask a stranger to take our picture at a romantic place and pop the question while he did. I think it turned out beautifully and the spontaneity just added to the romantic feel of the moment. What does this mean? That I’m 2 years ahead of The New York Times.

Where's Waldo Spanish Steps Edition

Where’s Waldo Spanish Steps EditionWhen Rachel and I were in Rome with Charles we stopped by the Spanish Steps during the day when there’s always several hundred other people (we also stopped by late at night for a pub crawl when there wasn’t many people there but that’s another story). While we were there Charles suggested a Where’s Waldo picture and I agreed. Therefor I bring you Where’s Waldo Spanish Steps edition.

Wiiiiiiiiii bought one

Nintendo WiiSo ever since the Wii came out I’ve said that its nothing more than a controller. I still believe that to be true, and I find the actual console worthless.

So why did we buy one? Well, its complicated.

The first part of the answer is Sony’s fault. There’s just no games to play on the PS3. The second part of the answer is that Rachel and I can both play the Wii and have fun. The third part of the answer is simple, peer pressure.

In any event we have one now, so if you do and you want to friend us either contact us or join the Rochester Wii Group.

Another Ps3 Flop

Nariko - Heavenly SwordSunday Charles and I killed a few hours playing Heavenly Sword. I say a few hours because that’s all it took. About 6 hrs in all which is pretty sad for a game that was supposed to be the turning point for the Ps3.

The combat system was awesome, a 9/10. The graphics an easy 11/10, the storyline a 5 and the length well… lets say it averages the game out to a solid rental and not much more.

I think the Ps3 might be doomed to less than glorious exclusive titles forever. They’ve lost so many exclusives that it makes me sick. Even the new exclusive game I heard about today, Project Offset, is now rumored to be released for the 360 as well.

What are we Ps3 owners going to do in the face of such games as BioShock and Halo 3? We need a game Sony!!!

In other news I just checked and everything up to halo21.com is taken. Anyone interested in investing in halo22.com with me?

Peach Margaritas

Charles’ MargaritaSaturday my friend Charles and I went to lunch at a restaurant in Henrietta that I’d heard of but never been to, Seoul Garden where we had the privilege of paying extra to cook our own food. The food was absolutely excellent and so was the chef. It’s definitely a good destination for lunch with the work crew one of these days.

Emily and LizWe headed downtown after I heard my friend Emily was in town and she and Liz were going out. We met them at the Mex which I’d never been to before. It was a good time and we ended up hitting the Pig and Whistle as well as Monty’s corner.

All being told, a great night. I got to see a bunch of friends that I hadn’t hung out with in quite a while and Charles got to have his peach margarita.

The Universe is wider than our views of it

Moon over ChurchThis Past Tuesday I was at work much later than usual. In fact this has been happening more often than I’d really like. Normally when I Leave its still very bright outside but lately Its been dusk or even dark by the time I leave. However; This has presented me with some unique opportunities.

I’m pretty sure its well known that I enjoy taking photos. I have been meaning to go downtown after dark or at dusk to get some great shots but have yet to do so because Court Street Bridge and Dinosaur Barbequeonce I get home I like to stay there. This week after work I took a few walks around snapping some shots. I’ll be taking my H5 soon so I can do some long-exposures.

Today I went to Dinosaur Barbeque for dinner with my long time friends Charles and Jason and his new(ish) wife Murray who both happen to be in town this week. It was good to see them both and great to finally meet Murray.

Thank you Everyone!

One and a half years of planning, four months of frenzy, a one day celebration and 2 weeks of relaxation… We did it!

Life as a married couple has been good to us so far. We’d just like to say a final thanks to everyone who made our wedding the most beautiful and blissful day a couple could wish for. Not to mention all the fun we had! We couldn’t ask for a better start to a long happy life together.

Special thanks go out to:

The Parents, without your love and support we wouldn’t have been able to do it at all

The Bridal Party Consisting of:

  • Lisa Jordan – Maid of Honor
  • Anthony Ventura – Best Man
  • Lisa Day
  • Miriam Cortez
  • Tess Hey
  • Jennifer Lehr
  • Brian Wilson
  • Charles Rich
  • Michael Heath
  • George Heath Jr

Claire Masten for her touching reading from 1st Corinthians

Elizabeth Fino-Radin from The Starry Strings Quartet for the beautiful violin

Annette Dragon for all the beautiful photography

Whirlin’ Disc DJ for getting everyone on the dance floor

Mike from The Burgundy Basin for making sure everything went smoothly

Phaedra Andalora from Liberty Travel for putting together our Honeymoon