Another Ps3 Flop

Nariko - Heavenly SwordSunday Charles and I killed a few hours playing Heavenly Sword. I say a few hours because that’s all it took. About 6 hrs in all which is pretty sad for a game that was supposed to be the turning point for the Ps3.

The combat system was awesome, a 9/10. The graphics an easy 11/10, the storyline a 5 and the length well… lets say it averages the game out to a solid rental and not much more.

I think the Ps3 might be doomed to less than glorious exclusive titles forever. They’ve lost so many exclusives that it makes me sick. Even the new exclusive game I heard about today, Project Offset, is now rumored to be released for the 360 as well.

What are we Ps3 owners going to do in the face of such games as BioShock and Halo 3? We need a game Sony!!!

In other news I just checked and everything up to is taken. Anyone interested in investing in with me?

One thought on “Another Ps3 Flop

  1. That sucks how is the replayablity of HS??? IDK from what I’ve heard and read (which isn’t much) Sony isn’t moving enough systems to make it cost effective for company’s to just make a game for the PS3. IDK haven’t have too much time to think about video games lately but I think that Sony has screwed teh pootch with the PS3 so far some was their doing and some was bad luck but either way for Joe Consumer there isn’t much justification for the pricetag. Sure blue ray is nice but it’s unsure as to if it will be another beta. The graphics are amazing but you need to have a hd tv hooked up to get the full benifits. And good graphics only go so far, what was it the neo geo? or something that had great graphics but no games and fizzled like pop rocks in the 90’s


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