The Roof is on!

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailWe’re getting close.

Dad, My good friend Anthony and I spent 3 days up at camp last week, getting the roof in tip top shape. My Uncle Jerry stopped by on Monday and helped all day while we finished placing the end cap and prepping the roof for shingles.

The three of us then shingled the entire roof in a day and a half. Up to the ridge cap anyway, at which point we had to head home. Not too shabby. Next trip up the plan is the ridge cap and the remaining OSB wallboard. At that point we’ll be ready to place the Tyvek wrap, windows and doors. We might even get to some of that, depending on how long we’re up there for.

It’ll be nice to get ‘er sealed up.

Thanks to Anthony and Jerry. We wouldn’t be anywhere near as far along without all the help. You guys rock!

2 thoughts on “The Roof is on!

  1. Very cool, of course you could have gotten a picture of me not looking like a reject from a street car named desire! Let me know if you end up going again before summer ends!


  2. Sorry about that. I’ll do better next time.

    I’m thinking about going up again soon. Would probably be the 14th or 15th (evening) -> 16th or 17th or so. Gotta talk to my dad though. Want to make sure and get it weather sealed soon.

    If you’re interested, no reason Meg can’t come up too. She can feed us ;).

    Since there’s only a little bit left to the roofing, it shouldn’t be so grueling next time. I can’t imagine the remaining OSB board & Tyvek wrap would take more than a day. Then it’s on to windows and doors. with the exception of the small wall section between the old camp and the new addition (which we’re not sure what we’re doing with yet), I gotta believe we could have the major work done in < 3 days. Then it's just facia, soffet and finish work. All of which takes time, but you don't really need multiple people to do.


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