Spring Lake Park

If you’re looking for a place to let your dogs (or your kids) burn off some energy, Spring Lake Park is the place to be.

If you walk to the back of the park it’s a safe zone, there’s nowhere the dogs can go. There’s a big open field (the old ‘Spring Lake’ I’m told) with a small baseball diamond in the middle, a 5ft chain link fence on one side and Irondiquoit creek on the other. There’s a nice embankment where the creek bends around a corner and people (and dogs) like to congregate there. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if your pet comes home soaking wet.

Spring Lake is one of our favorite spots in Perinton because we have 2 Huskies and if you know anything about huskies, they need to burn a lot of energy. In the summer we spend hours at a time there and in the winter we’re always the first ones there.

Despite what the signs say, pretty much everyone treats it as a dog park. The only other reason to go is the fishing. I’ve never done it but apparently there’s some god fishing in the Creek. Pretty much everyone that goes does the same routine. Walk to the back of the park, do a lap around the field, let them play in the creek for a few minutes and then head back out. We’re no different. I even mapped it out for ya:

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<br />

Spring lake park would sit virtually unused without the dogs. I’m very thankful we have a place like this in the town of Perinton

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