The Start of Something New

This blog is born out of necessity.  Several people I know, myself included, have been searching for good outdoor info in the Monroe County area with no luck.  There’s lots of info out there, but it’s all in books and in the experts heads.  This is an attempt to publicize it as much as possible.

The reason it’s Fairport Outside and not Monroe County Outside is simply that I live in Fairport as do a few other like minded individuals and there’s lots to do out here in Trail Town USA.

Stay tuned, because we’re gonna kick this site off with a fun and interesting project.

2 thoughts on “The Start of Something New

  1. I suggest the Crescent trail off of Garnsey Road.
    It’s awesome. nice hiking/dog walking area… not supposed to have dogs off leash there, but is a great place to let them frolic. 🙂


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