How I Stole From a Monastery

Ettal Monastery So, I have a confession to make.

Randy Aldrich is a thief.

I stole from a Monastery back in 1998.  Not much, but it happened.  We stopped at Ettal on our way to Neuschwanstein & I took a little booklet that described the abbey and the monastery.  At the time I thought they were free.  I didn’t know that they weren’t until we got back on the bus and someone else asked me:

You bought one of those!?

To which I responded “bought?”

Anyway… turns out they were 5 Marks (at the time Germany had not yet adopted the Euro).  Herr Stoker told me just to drop a 5 in the donation bin at the next church we went to and I’d be square with the big guy in the sky.  Seemed like a good enough Karma move to me, so that’s what I did.

The picture to the left is a scan of the cover of that book, which I still have and will probably keep forever just as a reminder.  However; even to this day, I don’t believe I’ve ever read it… *sigh*.

That being said, the Monastery is beautiful so if you’re in the area, I highly suggest it.

8 thoughts on “How I Stole From a Monastery

  1. Randy, I hope this was a lesson well earned! From what I gather, the trip made an impression or two; that's good. Now, if you REALLY want to make amends, know I will be at Ettal around June if you would like me to leave something in the coffers, let me know. I should think that now that the Euro is used, and with interest for 12 years and a horrible exchange rate you probably owe the monestary about $40 US. Then again, if you really did drop the DM5 somewhere later (I am not questioning what you said), it is a closed issue. Just be sure, GOD KNOWS 🙂


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