How I Stole From a Monastery

Ettal Monastery So, I have a confession to make.

Randy Aldrich is a thief.

I stole from a Monastery back in 1998.  Not much, but it happened.  We stopped at Ettal on our way to Neuschwanstein & I took a little booklet that described the abbey and the monastery.  At the time I thought they were free.  I didn’t know that they weren’t until we got back on the bus and someone else asked me:

You bought one of those!?

To which I responded “bought?”

Anyway… turns out they were 5 Marks (at the time Germany had not yet adopted the Euro).  Herr Stoker told me just to drop a 5 in the donation bin at the next church we went to and I’d be square with the big guy in the sky.  Seemed like a good enough Karma move to me, so that’s what I did.

The picture to the left is a scan of the cover of that book, which I still have and will probably keep forever just as a reminder.  However; even to this day, I don’t believe I’ve ever read it… *sigh*.

That being said, the Monastery is beautiful so if you’re in the area, I highly suggest it.

The Legend of The lightning Eagle

Legend of Lightning EagleI’m a published author, didn’t you know? Apparently in 1991 I wrote some goofy story about an Eagle and they published it into a little bound book.  Just found it in a pile of stuff from my mother.  Kinda funny.  I was 8 so be gentle…

The Legend of the Lightning Eagle
by: Randy A Aldrich
Published in the Marion Elementary Publishing Center 1991

A long time ago, there was an Eagle who lived in a huge nest.  He loved to fly above a big open field.

One day when he was flying he decided to go into town.  When he did, people saw him and tried shooting him.  Then he flew back to the field.

The next week he went back, but during that period he learned to fly very, very fast.

When they tried shooting him, he flew as fast as the wind.

When he went back to his nest during the night, people thought of a name for him.  “It is done then.  His name is Lightning Eagle,” said the counselor.

They told everybody in the town.  The very next day some kids started a club.  It was called the Lightning Eagle Club.

That day he flew into town.  He was very surprised because no one shot at him.  “Why aren’t they shooting?” he thought.

The people in the Town yelled, “We’re not going to shoot you.  We even made a name for you — Lighting Eagle.”

About the author: I am 8 years old.  I like to play baseball during summer vacation.  I like to go for rides on our boat and go to the thousand islands.

It is done then.

The Mist

Last week at bowling The Zone was giving away prizes for strikes in the 9th and 4th frames. We didn’t get either but figured we’d try our luck with The Zone anyway. As luck would have it they weren’t checking and we walked away with a book (Gone Baby Gone) and free movie tickets for The Mist. I had wanted to see it anyway and this was the preview showing. Great!

I haven’t read any of Stephen King writings yet, but thus far every movie has been awesome. The Mist did not disappoint. I particularly loved the ending. I will have to read the short story now though to find out if it ends the same. I have a hunch it’s at least slightly different. That being said if you like scary movies I’d recommend it.

The only thing left for me to say is “man that bitch was crazy!”

Trailer below.