I Drove a Dodge Stratus

You can talk to me that way now… I drove a dodge stratus.

I’ve never named any of my cars.  I know some people name every one, and really if I were to ever name a car, I should have named my Stratus.

Giving it up is like giving up the last piece of my youth.  That said: On to the next exciting chapter in my life: Minivans (no not really), mortgages and daycare.

We’re picking up our new ride as this post goes up.  A new-to-us 2007 Honda CRV EX-L.  It’ll be the first foreign car either of us have ever owned (not counting the Stratus which for all intents and purposes was a Mitsubishi).  It’ll also be the first SUV.

I expect nothing but good things from the Honda.  It might even get a name.

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