I Drove a Dodge Stratus

You can talk to me that way now… I drove a dodge stratus.

I’ve never named any of my cars.  I know some people name every one, and really if I were to ever name a car, I should have named my Stratus.

Giving it up is like giving up the last piece of my youth.  That said: On to the next exciting chapter in my life: Minivans (no not really), mortgages and daycare.

We’re picking up our new ride as this post goes up.  A new-to-us 2007 Honda CRV EX-L.  It’ll be the first foreign car either of us have ever owned (not counting the Stratus which for all intents and purposes was a Mitsubishi).  It’ll also be the first SUV.

I expect nothing but good things from the Honda.  It might even get a name.

2 miles to go


29,998. That’s what my Odometer read today when I finally pulled into the car lot at Cortese. My Warranty conveniently runs out at 30,000. They say this is when stuff starts to happen. Maybe, but my current problem happened months ago and I just forgot to do anything about it until I was driving home from work today and realized.

holy crap I have 8 miles left on my warranty!

I’ve never cut anything so close in my life, except for maybe that time with the mailbox but that story is much more severe and for a different day. An electric problem for sure, this problem was just with my mirrors refusing to go up and down. I’m interested to see what money I saved by noticing my mileage today instead of tomorrow.

How much in our life happens purely by chance?

How much stuff that angers us happens purely by chance?

Would life be interesting at all without chance?