1998 Europe Travel Journal

I found the following Travel Journal in a bag of my old stuff given to me by my mother.  It’s from my from my Trip to Europe with school in 1998.

I’ve provided it below, unedited And awesome. I’ve left it mostly intact and punctuation preserved for your enjoyment.  Go ahead and laugh, I did.


Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind which are delivered down from generation to generation as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn. ~Joseph Addison, Chicago Cultural Center (former library)

I expect Germany will be like country kind of towns with lots of public transportation and then in the big cities more very modern looking buildings and I expect the people will be very friendly.


The towns here just kind of end.  And then there is nothing for miles.  Walking in Rothenburg was like walking back a few centuries.  Even in the smallest town, which is where we are staying, there is a bus stop.


Today we went to Dachau.  It was interesting.  There were many more concentration camps than I thought there were.  I guess we only hear of the big ones.  I also learned that Dachau’s gas chambers were never used to kill anyone.  The gas chambers at Dachau were never used and nobody knows why.  It was strange being at one of the Nazi concentration camps where people actually died by the hundreds.


We had to get up at 5:45 this morning which meant I got about 5hrs of sleep.  That stunk.  We headed out to Neuschwanstein, Ludwig II‘s castle.  When we got there we hiked up the mountain to the castle and toward it.  After touring the castle we went up on the bridge that was a few hundred feet high.


Today was travel day.  We have to go to Venice which is about an 8hr trip but we stopped a lot along the way.  Our travel plans were sort of changed because of some snow conditions.  Instead of going to Innsbruck on the way to Venice we stopped at Salzburg.  That was just as good because Mr Stoker lived there for a while and showed us around quite a bit.  I bought some spoons there while shopping and a chocolate pretzel which was very good but was so rich I could only eat 1/2 of it. When we got to Venice it was suppertime and we had pasta and then some viel stuff hat I didn’t like at all.  After all that just our group went out and walked around the town we were staying in (not Venice but close).


Today was the best shopping day so far.  When we got up we ate (the same thing for the 6th time in a row) and then took the bus to a boat.  When we got to the boat we had to wait about 10 minutes before they got started.  Then it was about a 15min ride.  After that we took a 2hr tour around Venice and saw the “sights.”  I imagined Venice to be much better than it was, but it was really a dump.  But I suppose if you build a city on top of water it will tend to do that.  We had freetime for about 6hrs and then went back to the hotel.  The worst part about the day was it rained for most of it.  In Venice it normally is quite whet though, so…  They even have planks a foot off the ground to walk on in case what they call a (double high tide) happens.


This morning we left from Venice for Verona and then on to Lucerne.  Today for once it’s not raining.  Big surprise!  It’s travel day and it’s not raining because we’re not doing anything.  It took about 10hrs to get from Venice to Lucerne.  I only got about 1hr of sleep on the bus.  When we got to Luzern nothing really happened, we ate then hung out for a while and went to sleep.

That’s it.  Which is really sad, because Lucerne was my favorite part of the trip.  I think Switzerland really spoke to the outdoorsman in me.  This makes me wish I had kept a real journal of everything.

13 thoughts on “1998 Europe Travel Journal

  1. HEY, BOSS…I just finished reading…yes, laughed because I have had some of the same reactions to things…and your journal makes me recall with displeasure the many hours on a BUS. frau and I changed all that the following year and are doing a similar trip next year…of our own design.Thanks for sharing. I REALLY appreciate it. I am trying to upload some photos of where I am now…in nswitzerland! Amazing that you weree just on…if u still are, instant message me…I don't know how to!!


  2. Wow very neat Randy. Makes me wish I had kept a journal, tough to remember things now. I should have written one on my trip to France last year, but it never occured to me. At least I have the 2600 pictures we took lol. And no mention of my birthday on the 19th? hahaKen is that a trip for students, or anyone? I would possibly be interested depending on the cost.


  3. Hah thanks guys.Jason… Totally forgot your birthday was during the trip! Did we do anything in particular to celebrate? trying to remember… I'm assuming the 2600 pictures you took is in reference to your France trip last year (sweet by the way, I've yet to go!) Do you have any pics from our trip in '98?Liz… I'll have to post some of the other pictures I have. There's one in particular I think you might enjoy (laugh at). Ken… Was awesome chatting with you (briefly). You'll have to give me a call when your back in town again. Would love to catch up.Like Jason, I might also be interested in going. Perhaps as a 'chaperon' or some other such role if the need is there. Ick… am I old enough to chaperon? ugh.


  4. Randy, You dont remember the hofbrauhaus? And me getting pulled on stage with one of those Japanese tourists to dance with the guys in leiderhosen? lol I still remember. What a way to usher in my 16th. Only with no drinking like they would in europe lolAnd the pictures are from France. I do have some pics from 98, but it appears I never had all the rolls developed. I wonder if the undeveloped ones can be salvaged?


  5. super, glad I reminded you lol. Actually excited to see pictures. I have to scan in the ones I have. Tough to remember what everything is. I enjoyed the trip greatly, but feel I have greater understanding and respect traveling now. Look forward to future trips! Not sure we're fluent enough to be chaperone's Randy lol


  6. BTW you should add the "cities Ive visited" thing I have on my profile. Kinda fun to put a pin in all the places youve been. I tried to remember the cities we went to. Think I got some wrong though


  7. Added a teaser pic for ya… As far as Chaperoning, I'd need a refresher for sure, but a few Rosetta stone lessons and I'd be golden! I tend to speak in German when i get drunk anyhow.Had "Cities Ive visited" but purged my profile of unnecessary apps a while back. Might throw something together again.Most of my travels are detailed on our blog though: http://aldrichfamily.org


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