My 2009

2008 for me was all about reduction, trimming the fat.  It was my best year yet.  I got rid of a lot of excess crap and simplified my life and fattened my wallet as a result. My biggest mistake, however, was I did not hold myself accountable for any goals because… I had none.

2009 will be different.  I’m starting this year by listing my goals and aspirations so that come December 31st I can measure my success (or lack thereof).

My Goal:

  • Volunteer at least 4 times
  • Quadruple the size of our Emergency Fund
  • Take a 3 – 4week vacation on the west coast
  • Buy a DSLR
  • Win at least one photo contest
  • Sell at least one photo
  • Reduce my wardrobe by 25%
  • See at least 25 sunsets and 25 sunrises
  • Complete and release Mivity
  • Work out at least 3 times per week for 30minutes at a time
  • Finish the 1st floor of the house

Some of these are an extension of what I began last year.  Others are brand new.  I’m sure others will present themselves during the year.

2 thoughts on “My 2009

  1. Actually I think the most difficult one to meet is working out at least 3 times per week. I’ve got the workout equipment at home though so hopefully I can stick with it.


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