Stitching Panoramas

I’ve been using Windows Live Photo Gallery for a while.  My biggest reason for using it is the Flickr Integration.  However; there are a ton of neat features I’ve discovered along the way.  One of these features is the ability to stitch photos together automatically.  I’ve used a lot of stitching programs and this is by far the easiest and the best.

The only steps needed are to 1) select the photos you wish to stitch and 2) right click and select “Create Panoramic photo…”


Windows Live Gallery then goes through a few steps of analyzing the photos, aligning them and finally stitching them together.


Since I’ve discovered the feature I’ve created quite a few stitches. You can find most if not all of them using my panorama tag.

REMEMBER: To create a really good stitch you need to make sure the exposure settings are the same for every photo in the stitch.

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