What the Font?

If you’ve ever seen a logo and wanted to know the font What the Font is here to save your day. It’s not something that happens often but occasionally you’ll see one and want to use the same styling and it’s a pain to find. With What the Font It’s a simple 3 step process.

  1. Upload (From Disk or URL) an image containing the font you wish to identify.
  2. What the Font will identify the letters in the image and attempt to guess what letters they are.
  3. If any are incorrect (or in some cases not a letter) you simply need correct them and click Search.

That’s it!

You’ll get a list of matching fonts which you can click on to get more details including:

  • Font Samples (at many sizes)
  • Character Mini-Map
  • List of Available Versions
  • Option to Buy (in some cases)

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