Wii Have Extra Jackets

In true American Consumer form when I heard Nintendo was offering up to 4 free Wii Remote Jackets if you already owned a Wii I ordered 4. The problem is, we only have 2 Wii Remotes. The extra 2 Jackets are completely useless to me. If you have a use for them or know someone who does please let us know and we’d be happy to give them to you. Or if you haven’t ordered yours yet please take ours as we would rather not just throw them out.

UPDATE: The jackets have found a lovely new home.  Thanks everyone!

One thought on “Wii Have Extra Jackets

  1. Yep, I did the same thing. I saw that I was able to order 4, and even though I only had/have 2 controllers I ordered all 4. God bless free crap.


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