Consolidate Your PCs

Random Home NetworkThere are many reasons to have and use multiple PCs. Until recently I, like many of my friends, had several computers to accomplish the simple tasks I do with them. I had a web server, a file server, a laptop and my PC. However, I had lots of reasons to consolidate my PCs.

  • My PC has grown to old to be useful for gaming, which was its original intention.
  • I switched from hosting my own sites to using powweb.
  • Upgrading to Media Player 11 allows me to stream to my PS3 eliminating the need to use a separate file server running a media server.
  • Running only one PC costs less money than running three PCs 24 hours a day.
  • All my files were being stored on a Raid 1 array by the file server. This was easily transferred to my PC since it was just two SATA drives.
  • When working on my PC I would often transfer files locally to do work and then move them back to the file server. Now I can always work locally and still have the data being duplicated.
  • Running on a standard installation instead of a server configuration allows me to use services like Mozy for off site backup.
  • My printer is now directly connected to my PC instead of shared through my server.

So Consolidate your PCs today and simplify your network and your life!

4 thoughts on “Consolidate Your PCs

  1. I hear ya. I am constantly torn with this delimma as well. Part of me wants to keep the flexability, control, and “coolness” of all the different machines. However there is A LOT said for simplicity.

    Do you ever see yourself simplifying even further to just a laptop?


  2. To be honest, I’d love to. However; the amount of storage I need including the Raid1 array means its probably never going to happen. Also the ability to stream to the PS3 at any time is very nice, I’d hate to have to turn on my laptop just to do so.


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