American News is Fundamentally Warped

We live in a fast paced media filled world.  Sometimes it’s hard to forget the rest of the world doesn’t really have access to the same outlets we do.  As Americans sometimes it seems like the latest story about Bieber or Britney is the most important thing going on in the world right now.




The following TED talk by Alisa Miller is only 4 minutes and has some pretty good illustrations of how and why America’s view of the world can be so warped sometimes:

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Even if you don’t watch the video, I think this is an important take-away:


Is this distorted world view what we want for Americans in our increasingly interconnected world? ~Alisa Miller

While this TED talk was from 2008, today at TEDx Rochester is the first I’ve seen of it and it struck a chord.  Not that I didn’t already know our news coverage is warped, but I think this is an excellent illustration to drive home the point.

Founding of the Diamond Sportsmens Club

I like to see land in the Adirondack State Park stay private instead of going to the state.  That might sound odd because it restricts use, but you see I grew up in that private sector of the Adirondack State Park and I understand how remote it is.  Once the state takes it over there’s no development allowed anymore and it hardly ever gets used by the public.  In my experience most of these remote properties only get used by the original clubs after it becomes state land.

Therefor, I’d rather see the state keep the tax base income (we are short on funds aren’t we?) around and keep the land in the private owners hands to keep the usage up.

Found this article recently written at the time the Diamond Sportsmen Club purchased their land and thought it was interesting.

Written by Carol W LaGrasse, February 2001

While environmentalists salivated over the prospects of acquiring the land for permanent government ownership, Diamond Sportsmen’s Club succeeded in signing a binding contract during 2000 to purchase the 3,283 acres surrounding scenic Barney Pond near South Colton.

The club is looking for more members to make the club thrive. Each person contributing the one-time fee of $5000 will receive a transferable membership certificate, according to the spokesmen for the club, Richard Todd and his fellow officers. They plan to have about 125 to 150 hunting and fishing club memberships and 75 to 100 recreational memberships.

“Your foresight and good judgment are something your family, children and grandchildren will appreciate for years to come,” say officers of the Diamond Sportsmen’s Club in their notice to reach out for recreational members, hunting and fishing club members of their club.

The club, which used to be known as the Barney Pond Club, has signed a contract with Lothair, Inc. for $1,360,000 to purchase the property. This winter, they said that they are taking possession immediately and paying the corporation as memberships are sold.

After first offering memberships to the Barney Pond Club members, they have opened up memberships to the public, and announced that hunting club memberships, camps, building sites, and camper sites will be available on a first come, first served basis.

According to their flyer, the recreational memberships allow the opportunity to have camper parking sites, use of miles of trails and roads for four-wheelers, snowmobiles, hiking, cross-country skiing, two picnic areas (one on Barney Pond), use of a pavilion, horseshoe pits, swings, basketball, archery range, rifle range, berry picking, canoeing, photography, orienteering or just plain relaxing.

The hunting and fishing club membership have the opportunity to own permanent camps, according to the announcement about the club. This form of membership allows the opportunity to hunt for whitetail deer, black bear, turkey, ducks, geese, rabbits, and partridge. Fishing in the 37.8 acre pond affords a chance to catch large mouth bass, which were stocked in 1993 and are thriving. The largest so far was 20 inches and 4-1/2 pounds. Their large dock allows fishing for bullhead and pan fish.

“You should be interested if you want to own a camp you can improve without threat of someone taking it away,” say the officers of the club in their announcement.

The entrance to the club is about 3.6 miles south of South Colton on Route 56, with the club located in the township of Parishville, in St. Lawrence County, within the Adirondack Park.

For more information, contact Richard Todd (315) 386-4013 or Bob Hunt (315) 265-0468.

Originally provied by Property Rights Foundation of America.

It was also really neat to see the way parts of the club looked at the time of purchase.

Illegal Alien Costume

illegal alien costumeSomeone came up with an Illegal Alien Costume that’s pure genius.  Some people seem to be offended by these illegal alien costumes (it IS America, aka the PC nation).  I say who cares!? Who’s offended, Illegal Immigrants? Oh No! What are they gonna do to protest? Crawl back across the border? That’s a shame, yeah we should definitely ban these costumes.  Wait, you’ll leave if we wear these? Sweet!  I’m ordering mine right now…

For the record, nobody is saying you can’t come into our country.  We’re just saying you need to come in legally like everybody else.

Seriously though… I’m really considering the costume.  We do have a couple costume parties to go to.

Jeffrey Mullin

My niece’s brother, Jeffrey Mullin, was recently shot and killed in Rochester NY. It’s always extremely sad when someone so young passes away but when it’s from such a violent act it hits twice as deep. Unfortunately Rochester is one of the most violent cities in America and we live and work right smack dab in the middle of it. People here often dismiss the murders in Rochester to the gangs and somehow believe it doesn’t happen to good citizens. Try telling that to Cassandra, my niece. Somehow I think you will come away with a different opinion.

It’s time to wake up Rochester. We need more police presence and we need better schools. According to the 2006 census there’s roughly 200,000 people living in the city of Rochester. There were 54 Murders here in 2005 and 50 so far in 2007. That’s roughly 1 in every 3700 people. Put another way, thats almost 27 people for every 100,000. That’s almost four times the national average (which is only 7)!

The Democrat and Chronicle has a piece entitled Not Forgotten where they list each of this year’s murders and have short slide shows dedicated to them. I think this is important. I think people forget that these murders are more than just statistics and that every one of the people lost was important to someone.

I copied Jeff’s slide show for my niece and I thought I’d share it with everyone, so they could learn a little bit about Jeff instead of hearing about number 50.

I’ve also uploaded the original in case anyone wanted a copy to share.

Lewis and Clark

In another life we must have been explorers. Just as Christopher Columbus found the Americas while trying to find India, we stumbled upon the Hawaiian Paradise Beaches while trying to find the lighthouse. The Beaches are not the paradise they sound like. Instead they are nothing but lava fields that jut out into the ocean where the waves crash against them with an unmatched ferociousness.

Hawaiian Paradise Beaches

While following the coastline, after crossing 4 wheel drive only lava fields and driving through a flooded road, we also happened across Isaac Hale Park. There we were able to catch a few glimpses of surfers taking advantage of the incoming tide.

Akaka Falls

In the morning before our jaunt in the Jeep we headed to Akaka Falls. Akaka Falls drops more than 400 ft in a lush jungle atmosphere. It is on a half mile trail together with Kahuna Falls which provides several overlooks and viewing areas.

Today was a great way to conclude our stay on the Big Island. We caught our flight to Maui and arrived shortly after 7pm. We grabbed the rental (Yellow Ford Mustang Convertible yeah 🙂 ) and began our adventures on the ‘Valley Isle.’

Rachel & Randy