Updated Facebook Comments TNG

We use the Facebook Comments TNG wordpress plugin here to keep comments on Facebook coming into the Blog.  If you’ve ever noticed a comment you’ve made on one of my notes in Facebook that showed up here… this is how we do it.

Anyway, a short time ago Facebook changed their website layout and as a result the Facebook Comments TNG plugin was broken.  Unfortunately the developer has not had time to update it to match the new Facebook layout, but as it’s breaking some functionality I depend upon (here and elsewhere)  I did a little digging to see if I could fix it.


I’m fairly certain this plugin breaks the ToS with Facebook so if you’re not comfortable with that, Don’t use it!

The results are less than spectacular, but it seems to work (mostly) with the following caveats:

  • It requires you to enter a profile ID in the options window
  • It is limited to only examining the most recent 10 posts (regardless of your setting)
  • It may or may not handle multiple pages of comments (untested)
  • Somehow the copy I started with was an older version, so some of the newer features are unavailable

NOTE: I do not warranty anything this plugin will do and I will NOT be keeping this up to date.  I’m simply providing a temporary location for the fixes I implemented.

If you’re good with that list and can’t wait for an official update, feel free to download my version (in TEXT form).

If the list is too much for you, feel free to wait for an official version here.

13 thoughts on “Updated Facebook Comments TNG

  1. Will:

    if it’s pulling the comment into your Blog the number of comments should be updated. Are you using a Caching plugin of some kind (like wp-cache)? Also, have you approved the comments? if your settings don’t automatically approve fb comments this could be the culprit. Your theme may show YOU the comments but they might not appear to the world until you approve them.


  2. Its complicated but basically the way the plugin was written it needs to know how many notes you have and the way facebook changed makes this difficult. That part needs to be rewritten and I found it easier to just handle the first page of notes. Google returns 10 notes per page so that’s the source of ’10’.


  3. Hi Randy, thanks for the update. Unfortunatly it does not work for me. Added the page ID of my profile page – still no success.
    Does it only work with fan pages, or does it work with my standard profile, too?
    TIA, Alexander


  4. Do you have a more current file that might work….the current one does not seem to work…..just gets hung up with the message “connecting”

    Thanks so much for any help you can be…


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