Future Lilah will be Proud

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailA few days ago we found some baby bunnies in our backyard. If it was just me I’d have made em disappear. Weird though, felt some need to save them from my ruthless wolves. I think it had to do with picturing a few year old Delilah saying “no daddy, help them!”


Anyway, the past few days have been spent constructing various structures to protect the dummies from the fate their mother has bestowed on them. Not only did she place them in my fenced in backyard, but also the lowest point on the property and it’s been raining cats and dogs for a few days now.

Anyway, off to save the bunnies again.

Back Camera

Maybe I’ll get lucky and momma bunny will take them away before I need to mow again…

If you’re keeping track, this is not the first time bunnies visited us.  Every time the nest is packed full of dog hair, so I suspect while the dogs themselves are a deterrent, their hair provides some good nest material that is attractive for the bunnies.

UPDATE: My parents showed up at our house before us a few days ago and didn’t know the bunnies were in the backyard.  They let the dogs out and 2 of them met their demise but the 3rd survived.

UPDATE 2: Momma showed up and took her little one.  Hurray! We had a survivor.  Future Lilah will be proud.

Back Camera

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