Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

A Video Clip from Louis CK on how amazing everything is around us, and how everyone has an instant expectation that they deserve it.  This is why it bothers me when people complain about their 3G coverage, or a slow Internet connection or any number of ways in which some new technology could be better.

Shut up and be appreciative for once.  We live in Amazing, Interesting Times with technology that’s improving faster than we can even learn about it.

4 thoughts on “Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

  1. it seems that youtube embed code doesn't work with imports… you'll have to visit my site for this one.Thanks to Chelle for the share. I've seen it before but it's a good one. Love Louis CKhttp://aldrichfamily.org/2009/10/23/everything-is-amazing-and-nobody-is-happy/


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