Lunch For The Week

LunchesWe made our lunches for the week again today.  Yes, we label each day, which gives us an extra push not to forget them.

Rachel and I have been making our lunches on Sunday for about a month and a half now.  We make them for the whole week at once.  This was Ramit’s first tip in the save $1,000 in a month challenge.  We had been trying to bring our lunches for a while but it just wasn’t working out.  We always either forgot, didn’t have enough time for it or just didn’t feel like it.  Doing it all at once for the week has worked out great.  It actually saves us time because making 5 lunches at once only takes a few seconds more than making only one.

My favorite part of lunch this week?  The Nuts and Bolts.

2 thoughts on “Lunch For The Week

    1. Actually we haven’t had any problems with that so far. since all the lunches are bagged and kept in the fridge, I suspect it’s due to the cold temperatures. I’ve only really seen that happen in Ice Chests.


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