I’ve been watching a bunch of Jeremiah episodes lately.  I can’t believe I missed this series in 2002-2004.  It’s quite good, and reminds me a bit of Jericho (surprise surprise, Jeremiah was canceled).  Anyway… I just watched the episode titled “Out of the Ashes” in which a bunch of thugs are attempting to rid the world of books.  Kurdy (one of the main characters) gives a quick little speech which I thought holds a lot of meaning even in the world we live in.

How are we to know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been?
these books are a bridge to our past
they allow us to touch other lives
generation upon generation, artists, philosophers, poets
If we let them die, we’re burning those bridges
If we let these words die, we are killing our history as well as our future

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