Main Street Rochester NY

Until a recent trip to the Memorial Art Gallery – to take advantage of Free Museum Day – I had no idea that the Main Street Bridge in Rochester NY was originally covered in structures much like the original London Bridge.  There’s an excellent history recap of Main St available on the RocWiki if you’d like even more of a history lesson.  An archaic style of bridge like that somehow makes me think Rochester hasn’t always been as behind on the times as it is now.  After all, they had the good sense to remove it.  A small digital copy of a painting of the Bridge can be seen below or see the full version at the Memorial Art Gallery.

Rochester Main Street BridgeColin Campbell Cooper

It’s always impressive to go and view Artwork in your local city.  Even a small city such as Rochester houses some famous Artwork by names you’ll recognize.

This next painting is one of my favorites at the Gallery from an Artist I’d previously not heard of.

The Exorcism of the WavesAlessandro Magnasco

2 thoughts on “Main Street Rochester NY

  1. Tell me if that is you guys in that picture on the header? If it is, it’s an amazingly cool photo. I mean simply amazing. If not. That’s sad… My dream is broken.


  2. The header changes but yes it is us in each. I need to add some more really, we’ve been to some cool places since the last one I added (Stonehenge in 2005).


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