Mike Merryfield the Comedian

Stop it or I’ll give you a knockin’ ullllllright?

We saw Mike Merryfield at Comix Cafe last weekend and he was one of the funniest comedians we’ve seen at Comix. His style of humor reminded me a lot of Brian Regan my favorite comedian of all time. I found one of his recorded shows on his website and I’ve included it below for your listening pleasure.

[audio:https://aldrichfamily.org/2007/12/mikemerryfield.mp3%5DHe’s also available on youtube as MikeMerryField and I’ve included his best video below.

One thought on “Mike Merryfield the Comedian

  1. LOL funny stuff….wondering where my invite to Comix was 😛 Anyhoo checking on Mr.Regan’s site it seems not only is he comming to Syracuse but buffalo as well in Jan.


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