Custom Youtube Players

Youtube Custom PlayersA few week ago Youtube came out with custom players. I thought they were interesting but never gave them much thought. A few days ago I played around with them and found out some very neat features.

You can assign a playlist to a player. This means you can assign all of your videos to a single player, or just a subset. You can even assign videos you’ve found and watched that aren’t yours.

You can assign videos after the fact. Because it works off a playlist you can assign videos to that playlist after you’ve created the player and they get added to wherever you’ve embedded the player.

To create your own custom player goto my players and click create custom player. You’ll then be prompted with several options most important of which is the Content. Simply select the playlist, or group of videos (my videos or my favorites) you wish to include in your player and click ‘select.’

Once you’ve filled in all the options all you need to do is click ‘generate code’ and then copy and paste the code to wherever you want the player displayed. It’s very easy and its a powerful tool. I created the player below out of my posted videos. It will always be updated with my most recent videos.

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