Wii Hero III

Wii version of Guitar HeroYou might have already seen my frustration at the Playstation 3 version of Guitar Hero III. I was mostly aggravated at the controller not the game and thankfully the game came out for every system available. I took the PS3 version back to the store and explained that it was broken. In my mind it was broken, because of their proprietary wireless crap every tenth or so note got skipped.

Immediately after returning the PS3 version I purchased the Wii version and brought it home. To my excitement the Wii version works surprisingly well. I have yet to miss a note because of the wireless communication (but I have definately missed a note due to my ineptitude).

The trade in was definitely worth it and I’d highly suggest that if you have a PS3 and a Wii that you buy the Wii version of Guitar Hero. That is unless you like missing every 10th note in Weezer’s “My Name is Jonas”.

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