I'm NOT Partial

What is with all these partial article feeds? I know the discussion has been beat to death and nobody really has a definitive answer of whats better. Honestly though, isn’t that definitive in itself? The fact that it doesn’t really matter either way and people (LIKE ME) get irritated at having to leave their reader of choice (see Google Reader) would make any sane person just use full article feeds. Don’t you want to make your readers happy after all?

I’m sick and tired of having to navigate to the article in order to get the full benefit. I already subscribe, I comment when I deem appropriate, I contribute where I can, Is it really necessary to force me to your site? The thing that bugs me the most about it is the reason you’re doing it is most likely ad driven. Do you get that many more clicks? I doubt it. I bet the same people that are savvy enough to be subscribed to your feed are savvy enough to utilize the Adblock Plus extension.

I would just like to proclaim that

No blog I maintain will EVER have a partial article feed.

I have noticed this more and more as of late and it MUST STOP!

One thought on “I'm NOT Partial

  1. Is it turned on by default in WP or other blogging sites? Perhaps some of it might be do to people just not knowing it was turned on.


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