An art form that uses the night sky as the canvas

Rachel and I saw Balls of Fury last night. I’d only give it Two mediocre thumbs in the middle (5/10).

Fireworks Over Canal in Pittsford

On our way home, we saw some flashes in the sky to the north and determined it was fireworks so we resolved to go find them. On our way through Pittsford we saw some more flashes and sure enough fireworks they were. When a few more went off as we were crossing the bridge we decided to stop and watch there. I’m glad we did because the reflection in the Canal of each explosion of color just added to it.

A great (random) end to a good day.

I have to apologize for the quality of the picture as I only had my pocket camera with me and it does not have good manual settings for long exposures. I’ll be sure to carry the other one from now on.

One thought on “An art form that uses the night sky as the canvas

  1. Its a good thing you apologized about the picture quality or else I would have been forced to come down there and confiscaste your cameras and take away your photo license. Not to mention the mafia beating that would take place for such poor quality. My God…I am angry. Lord give me the strength not to come down on Randy. Ahhhhhhhhh…OK, I am good.


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