We are Media

Today’s Media sources are truly impressive. The pure amount of information available and the ways in which to get it are just astounding. After struggling for a long time I started with a blog. That helped, then I discovered Google Reader and that helped a little more. I then installed a wiki which only I have access to. That helped me manage my ideas and organize thoughts and helped a lot.

But today… today my good friend Tim let me in on a little secret. Google Reader’s shared items. I’ve always seen the feature sitting there and not really paid much attention to it. I noticed he had added his Google Reader’s shared items application to his facebook profile.

Suddenly, Like Robert Scoble, I am Media. I share lots of things I find all over the internet via lots of different tools. instant messages (or should i say Pidgin?) E-mail, In-person (gasp!), and our Blog. Recently I’ve been struggling with how to share these things efficiently. For a while I posted a lot of videos on our Blog. I don’t like this. The blog is supposed to be our thoughts and how people can keep up on what we’re doing. It had become a place to keep up on what we’re reading/watching. I didn’t want to use my site because that’s intended to be more of a professional atmosphere where I share projects, ideas and thoughts I have dealing strictly with the software industry (or wherever I end up).

Well now I’ve found my mechanism. If you are interested my shared items can be found here. There’s even a feed for those of you who like that idea. Also it’s now displayed on our website in a sidebar widget.

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