RaR day 1

First of all we just want to say thanks to everyone who brought down the house last night. We had some mighty fine dancers out there (you know who you are 😉 ). As our first act as husband and wife we would like to announce the MVP award. And the winner is… (the choice was obvious…) Uncle Jerry for his outstanding dance numbers. Thanks Uncle Jerry for making our first decision together as husband and wife so easy. We haven’t had that much fun… ever. To see all of our friends and family celebrating our love with such enthusiasm touched our hearts in a way we’ll never forget.

Check out some of the first available candid shots from yesterday here.

Thanks to everyone, we love you,
Mr and Mrs Aldrich

One thought on “RaR day 1

  1. Hi kids!
    I just wanted to let the both of you know how proud I am of the both of you. You both exhausted yourselves making sure you would have a wedding day noone would ever forget. You certainly did that. What a beauiful beautiful day. We have had several calls and everyone had such a wonderful time. You got off to a perfect start and your future is so bright. I know you’re love can carry you through anything.
    To Randy- You are amazing!!!!!!! No parent could have wished for a better husband for their daughter. I know you’ll take care of her, I’m so happy she has you. Welcome to our family. We love you both so much. Have a great time on your honeymoon! Love Mom


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