Keyboard not found. Press < F1 > to RESUME.

Say goodbye to your keyboard and mouse. Microsoft has released a new product that has been top-secret for the past 5 years under the code name ‘Milan’. It is now called Microsoft Surface and is definitely worth a look. I for one would welcome the new mode of input especially in my living room.

It appears as if the Microsoft people took a lesson or two from Apple and released a product that interacts with people in the way they wish to use it rather than the way Microsoft wants them to use it. Depending on the price I can totally see Surface being a standard household appliance much like the personal computer is today.

Check out the video below for a quick overview of some of the things Surface can do.

3 thoughts on “Keyboard not found. Press < F1 > to RESUME.

  1. Expected to launch before the end of the year in the $5,000-$10,000 range, the devices might not make their way under many Christmas trees, but will find the insides of Starwood hotels, Harrah’s casinos and T-Mobile shops.

    Just thought I’d post that info here. Looks really well thought out. I want one (not for 5-10,000 though, how about 2,000?)


  2. The photo example with the postcard thingy would be much better if there was a stylus so you could actually write a letter or something instead of using your finger — way too awkward for doing any real writing.

    Also I read that this surface is based on cameras and near infrared technology, not touch sensitive as you might expect. I wonder how resilient this is to being jostled or if a camera (or two) fails?


  3. That is pretty cool and I could definatly see that being the next generation coffee table 😛 Instead of a stylus I’m sure it would be pretty easy to have a virtual keyboard for when you need to type something.

    On a side note I just transfered the video to my computer from the party and aside from being almost 4 gigs it’s funny as shit


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