Be Excellent Unto Each Other

If you didn’t notice the site had a little hiccup last night. I installed MediaWiki and wasn’t happy with the results. Apparently MediaWiki requires a lot of directory permissions to be setup correctly. I decided to remove it and drop the database. I went to my powweb mysql page and clicked on the last database and clicked ‘drop’. Immediately after dropping the database I realized what i had done. I had dropped the wrong database because they’re listed alphabetically, not in the order in which they were added.

Immediately I picked up the phone and called Powweb (my hosting provider). While waiting on hold I decided to use their ‘live chat’ service. I logged onto that and let the person know what had happened. By this time I had someone on the phone as well and let them know what had happened. The person on the phone told me that I was basically SOL and they don’t keep any Backups. I was dumbfounded and hung up, continuing to talk to the person on Live Chat. After a few minutes they let me know that a technician would restore my database and they would let me know by either phone or E-mail (my choice) once it had been restored.

I just received the phone call this morning and although I lost two posts, I’m a very happy Customer! Thank YOU POWWEB! A+ for your Live Chat support however; an F for your phone support.

Needless to say I’ve used the new cron feature in wordpress to schedule nightly backups. It’s pretty sweet, the Backup can be E-mailed to you.

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