Worst Movies of all Time

Rachel and I went to go see Spiderman 3 with her brother Michael on Sunday. The action was superb, and the story was even pretty good but the dialog left something to be desired and what in the world is with the mini-musical in the middle? The movie could have been an hour shorter without the musical crap and without the cliche dialog lines and it would have been a 10. The movie gets a .1 out of a possible 10. I will say that the Sandman and Venom were awesome but beyond the action with said characters, there’s nothing keeping this movie afloat. I even felt that some of the special effects early on in the movie felt a bit shaky.

As a result, I’ve updated my Worst Movies of all Time list to include:

  1. The Talented Mr Ripley
  2. Citizen Kane (this movie is only good given the context, stand alone its terrible. It makes the worst list because it’s supposed to be such a classic)
  3. Spider Man 3

What makes me really sad is that I didn’t even go into this movie with high expectations and get disappointed like normal. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot and it didn’t disappoint.

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