Clean Slate

Ok so… we’ve tried word press before and never kept it up. This was basically because we tried to be retro-active in posting a bunch of stuff about what we had already done and it was overbearing. We’ve tried blogger but to no avail… Hopefully we can get this site going. We’ll use it as a place for people to know what Rachel and I are up to.

For those of you who don’t know Rachel and I bought a house (duplex) 6 months ago or so. Well… we’ve learned some things since then. Quite a lot in fact.

  1. It’s true what they say. You never really are done. when we bought the house we only had a few things in mind. Since then the list has grown daily
  2. No project is really as small or as easy as you think it is.
  3. You dont really have time anymore.
  4. Old houses are full of surprises.
  5. Insurance companies suck.
  6. Water can cause a lot of trouble.

on to that last one for a second and then i’ll end our first post…

A little less than a month ago we had a pipe break in our ceiling. Wow what a pain. It happened while we were both at work and conveniently enough the only day in months that i’ve forgotten my cell phone. Our tenants came home to about 4″ of water in the basement. They went through some hurdles and finally ended up calling the fire department who promptly came and took care of the problem. This does NOT end our problems however. Since then we’ve pretty much not had a dining room. We’ve got a cracked floor joist, drywall and pipes to replace, flooring to put down electric to run etc etc.

Anyway… that’s all for now. Rachel and I are off for dinner and a movie.

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