Pre-Blog Updates

The following are the updates from the site during 2001-2003

6/18/2003 – LUTZ/MILTON Survey!!!
click here

6/11/2003 – New Pictures.  Great should-be billboards.
Jokes >> Informative >> billboards.

5/30/2003 – New Picture.  If you are from Marion, or even Wayne County you MUST SEE this picture!
Pictures >> Funnies of my Friends >> Rocco Ventura

5/20/2003 – New Pictures.  Jokes >> Informative >> More priceless MasterCard Commercials

5/7/2003 – New List.  Jokes >> Informative >> Have you ever been there?
some new pictures:  our cat, some new funny pictures.

5/5/2003 – New List.  Jokes >> Informative >> Things you never wanted to know
Some new quotes.  Jokes >> Quotes >> Friend Quotes (And Stolen Quotes)

4/21/2003 – MUST SEE!!!!!

4/12/2003 – added miscellaneous Marriage Cartoons >> Jokes >> Informative >> Marriage Cartoons
added Miscellaneous pictures of things you must have on your comp >> Jokes >> Informative >> must haves
added pictures of best senior moments >> Jokes >> Informative >> Senior Moments

4/11/2003 – added miscellaneous Redneck pictures >> Jokes >> Informative >> Crazy Rednecks
added miscellaneous Natural wonders pictures >> Jokes >> Informative >> Natural Wonders
added miscellaneous Actual US Sign pictures >> Jokes >> Informative >> Actual Signs
MUST SEE: Brian Regan – Live && Brian Regan – Boston MA

4/8/2003 – added new comic relief picture of Saddam & Bush, new hunting permit layout.
added a new quote from my friend Anthony & his wisdom of women.
6 jokes added:
The Bunny and the Snake <<good for anyone with a distaste for France at the moment
People say the damnedest things << funny things people have said without thinking first
A Drunk’s Intuition << all too true
Good to be a man << no explanation needed.
A successful Rancher << silly dudes dicks are for chicks
Tech Support Stories << Crazy things people call tech support with

4/1/2003 – added new picture of Rachel & I (actually its a combination of 2 pictures that I combined)

3/26/2003 – added picture of my brother and his band and a picture of the Beetles and Michael Jackson

3/5/2003 – new Picture of Karen Snyder ( My Cousin ).  Picture of Michael Jackson fixed.

2/28/2003 – new pictures added.  Jennifer, Cassandra, the Heaths also funny pictures added of Michael Lutz vs. Milton from office space and Michael Jackson or Monkey.

2/19/2003 – added new picture.  pictures>>funny>>you thought your job sucked

2/19/2003 – added the kid’s books that never made it!! jokes>>informative>>kids books

2/14/2003 – added picture of Jennifer and Cassandra, my 2 most Favorite nieces!! pictures>>Aldrich Family>>My 2 most favorite Nieces

2/4/2003 – added Kermit animated gif MUST SEE!! pictures>>funny>>Kermit

1/31/2002 – Completed initial construction

1/17/2002 – Construction began, totally new look.

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