Bug Fixes

I have fixed several annoying bugs in ZippyPhotos one of which caused directories to be displayed in the wrong order. It amazes me how easy PHP is to work with every time I make a fix or add a feature.

I also added the ability to specify the number of items currently displayed in the RSS feed. Right now the default is set to 10 but like everything else in Zippy, it’s configurable via settings.php.

Zippy Photos version 1.0

well… It’s out. I’ve (probably prematurely) released Zippy Photos 1.0. The biggest problem is speed. I know I know… with a name like Zippy it should be quick. I haven’t spent a lot of time with speed improvements, I’ve mostly concentrated on features but I gurantee It’s top on the list now. I have some things to try and with some luck we’ll see a dramatic speed increase.

Zippy Photos

You may have noticed but I’ve re-added a link to our photo albums. This link now points to a temporary website which is running Zippy Photos. If you notice any weird behavior with the site please let me know. There will be lots of changes coming to it soon. Hopefully within a few days I’ll have it integrated into WordPress but for now its an external site.

Zippy Photos

I’ve officially named my photo album software Zippy Phtos.  I’ve created a Google Code Page for it also.   I’ll be updating it with downloads, general usage information etc.  I’ll also be using its subversion code repository to keep the code archived as well.

Filesystem Photo Gallery

I’ve been looking for a good filesystem-based Gallery system for a while. I haven’t been able to come up with one that has the features and is as lightweight as I’d like it. Therefor I decided I’d write my own. I implemented the first version in .NET but have since ceased development and decided to move away from IIS/windows and begin using linux/apache and an external host (powweb). I also want the Gallery system to work seamlessly with WordPress and any other PHP based content management system (or blog engine). Therefor I decided to scratch the .NET version and start on a PHP based version.

I started working on my new PHP filesystem based Gallery system last night. It’s intended to be extremely lightweight with no database interaction. It will assume the first image in a directory should be the ‘thumbnail’ for that directory. It will dynamically generate thumbnails for images which do not yet have a thumbnails. This is so that they are only created once.

I’m very surprised at how fast the The system is coming together. I suspect that in a few days I’ll have a working version with most if not all of the features I’m looking for.

The only problem is I have no Idea what to call it. If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

As soon as I come up with the name I’ll publish a google code site with all the documentation and downloading goodness.